Scanning Electron Microscope Images of Wood “Cubes”

The image in our blog heading is a mosaic of wood “cubes” prepared by Mr. Arnold Day back in the 1970’s.  These cubes were painstakingly prepared by sectioning with a sliding microtome the three surfaces; radial, tangential and cross section.  Images were then acquired with the ETEC scanning electron microscope.  These were featured on the cover of the book, Wood Structure and Identification by H. A. Core, W. A. Côté and A. C. Day, Syracuse University Press, 1979.

The species from left to right, top row: Red Maple 20X, Western Red Cedar 10X, Red Maple 10X, Yellow Birch 50X, Red Maple 10X; bottom row:  Yellow Birch 30X, Red Gum 50X, American Elm 10X, Red Gum 10X, Douglas-fir 50X.   (X magnification when acquired on the SEM).

mosaic edit crop3 pixels


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